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Pioneering Excellence

As a pioneer and developer of innovative cosmetic products, AlyssaMed Co. is a leading manufacturer and distributor in North America. You can trust us to offer quality products and services at the best possible prices. We are continually expanding our product lines to offer our customers across North America the latest innovations in medicine.

Expert Support for Your Success Across North America


Our team of professionals is ready to educate, consult, and offer technical support to our clients. Our expert sales team can offer you sales support and help you succeed if you are setting up a new product or service. With locations across North America, we are able to offer training and sales across North America. 

Revitalize Your Business with Innovative Solutions

Our consultants provide you and your staff with tools to revitalize treatments and help close those all-important sales. Our state-of-the-art products are formulated to correspond with current trends and challenges. We offer innovative solutions so that you can be the first to take advantage of emerging technologies and trends. 

We look forward to helping you grow your business!

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