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CellAMAX preparation tube, as an advanced one-step Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix (PRFM) device, prepares significantly higher concentrations of platelets and growth factors compared to traditional PRP devices. Also, autologous PRFM prepared offers extended release (XR) of platelets together with controlled release (CR) of growth factors, as opposed to the immediate-release of these parameters in any traditional Platelet Rich Plasma (RPP).

Features and Advantage of using Cellamax PRFM Preparation Device

Prepares higher concentrations of platelets and growth factors in

comparison with traditional PRP Tube


CellAMAX is a new generation of PRFM preparation device. Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix (PRFM) preparation is 100% autologous, natural, and safe, and it does not include a harmful chemical activator or drug. 


CellAMAX uses advanced technology to prepare the optimum concentrations of platelets and growth factors in the PRFM process. Autologous PRFM is prepared from the patient's blood, which makes it safe and effective for a wide range of aesthetic and cosmetic procedures.

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• Platelets in plasma
• Immediate- Released growth factors or platelets
• Short-term tissue signaling
• Effective for hours  
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• Platelets in the fibrin matrix
• Controlled-Released (CR) of growth factors
• Extended-Released (XR) of platelets
• Effective for days  


Note: CellaMax is a PRFM preparation tube and medical device. CellaMax is not PRFM or PRP by itself, or it does not come with PRFM and PRP inside.

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Disclaimer: The products listed on this website are reserved for use by licensed medical practitioners only and in approved geographical regions where marketing authorization has been provided by governing health authorities. This webpage is designed and contains contents, product pictures, and details  for current and potential customers in EU countries. Certain products or indications may not be approved for sale or use  in all countries.  PRF stands for Platelet-Rich Fibrin, and PRFM is Platelet-Rich Fibrin Matrix, which is another name for PRF. This website is for educational and informational purposes only and it does not provide medical advice . 

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